The most practical formulas of Primavera

The most practical formulas of Primavera

Not knowing the function of calculation formulas in project control software, which includes MSP and PRIMAVERA, causes confusion for users and makes schedule analysis very difficult. In the table below, the most useful formulas are explained along with how to calculate them.

Resource type: material

Resource type:      

  work Labor/non labor


Unit price of material

Price per hour from source unit



Maximum resource units available daily

Max unit/time

The required amount of material is entered for the entire manual activity

Default is activity time. If x units are from the resource for the item activity, the value of duration * x is entered manually

Budgeted unit

Price/unit* budgeted unit

Price/unit* budgeted unit

Budgeted cost

Budgeted unit/duration

It is calculated automatically

Budgeted unit/duration


Remaining unit/time


Unit for work resources is equivalent to hours and for material resources it is equivalent to counting unit, for example, tons and time is equivalent to days

Duration % Complete = (Original Duration – Rem Duration) / Original Duration

Units % Complete = Actual Units / At Completion Units

VAC = Budget At Completion – Estimate At Completion

PV= BAC * Schedule %Complete = BCWS

EV= BAC * Performance %Complete = BCWP

Cost % Complete = Actual Cost (Data Date) / EAC



At Completion = Actual + Remaining (To Complete)

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