Specialized services in the field of planning, implementation and control of projects are as described in the table below.

The mentioned items can be implemented in civil projects (dam construction, building and road construction), industrial projects (projects to develop lines and increase capacity) and oil and gas projects.

area of ​​expertise

Description of the activity

Further Details

Planning services

Project Charter design

Preparation of project scope statement document

WBS project breakdown structure design

Preparation of WBS Dictionary

Identifying activities, determining prerequisite and post-requirement relationships

Estimating the duration of activities

Preparation of the Time Management Plan document

Preparing the project schedule grid using MSP or Primavera software (according to the client’s request)

Preparation of cost breakdown (CBS and project progress measurement system (PMS)

Identifying work resources (machinery and equipment, executive teams, required materials and their allocation to activities) and estimating project volumes and values

Extraction of planned and weighted progress based on weighting

    Preparation of Cost Baseline

    Preparation of Cost Management Plan document

    Preparation of time and financial S-Curve chart

    Preparing the cash flow of the Cash Flow project

To implement some of the mentioned activities, the cooperation of the project team members is required.

Implementation and control services

Compilation of the daily report format of the workshops

Receiving activity progress information by contractor and work failure structure

Receiving approved status statements from contractors in coordination with project accounting affairs

Estimation of the daily consumption of raw materials and the operation of machinery and daily consumption volumes according to the supplementary form of the daily report by the contractor

Record the actual volume of work and compare with the program

Controlling actual and physical progress and checking compliance with CBS

Record physical progress information of activities in MSP or Primavera

Preparing the amount of physical and real progress of the project based on the actual progress and comparing it with the baseline in order to extract deviations and delays in timing and financial deviations of the project.

Derivation of earned value management indicators:


Extraction of time and cost control indicators SPI, CPI, SV, CV to analyze time and financial information

Derivation of EAC financial forecast index

Preparation of practical management reports for better management decision-making for planning future activities

Holding weekly meetings with the management to review problems, delays, costs, provide solutions, required changes, and provide a corrective plan if needed.