Microsoft Project 2019

  • Reminding and reviewing the concepts of project planning and control
  • Create a new project – Import WBS
  • Defining and eliminating activities – creating relationships between activities
  • Introduction of functional columns in the software
  • Adjust scheduling options
  • Defining and customizing calendars
  • Definition and allocation of resources and costs
  • Leveling resources
  • Text formatting and activities bar
  • Gantt chart settings by Wizard
  • Filter and Sorting, the method of creating a Base Line
  • Definition of custom columns (Customize Field)
  • Preparation of S-Curve of the project (planned and actual) and analysis of variances
  • Examining Time Control Index (SPI) and Cost Control Index (CPI)
  • Introduction of probabilistic planning systems (PERT, GERT)
  • Implementation of PERT analysis and adjustment of weight coefficients
  • Getting to know how to apply and implement the calendar using formula
  • Getting to know the concept of EFFORT DRIVEN
  • Change control with EFFORT DRIVEN planning
  • Introducing and applying different costs to resources
  • Advanced leveling settings
  • Determining the physical progress of projects using weighting
  • Analyzing the physical progress of the project along with formula writing in the software
  • Making advanced settings in the CALCULATION tab
  • Project control and updating (Updating & Control)
  • The method of setting the page, printing the project and reporting

Course audience:

  • Project and program managers
  • Project planning and control experts
  • Industrial and civil engineering students and all those interested in the knowledge of planning and project management

Objectives of the course:

Preparation of practical reports required by managers
Getting to know the main topics of MSP software and entering information and reporting in the software