Some specialized services in the field of estimation meters

This company is ready to provide technical office services to consulting engineering companies and contractors by using prominent and experienced professors and engineers in the field of technical office of projects. An example of the executive records of the specialized consultants of Hamyar Project Azerbaijan Company in government organizations, consulting engineering companies and executive contractors in the field of estimation and preparation of condition statement, adjustment and price analysis is as follows:

▪ preparation, review and control of status statements, adjustments, claims and reporting of changes and delays in contracts for water and sewage collection networks, water transmission lines, water and sewage treatment plants, pumping stations and construction projects;

meters and estimates of concrete and steel construction projects, water distribution networks and irrigation and drainage channels based on the price index of the Program and Budget Organization;

 ▪ Contract affairs, preparation of tender documents and holding tenders for contractors of construction projects, water supply, power supply, etc.

 ▪ Preparation and adjustment of tender documents and contracts of consulting engineers and solving and reviewing contractual problems

▪ structural calculations of concrete and steel buildings;

 ▪ Hydraulic calculations of irrigation and drainage networks;