About us

With several years of experience in the field of consulting and training in various industrial, academic centers and understanding the importance of the above issue and the gap in organizations, Industry and construction project associate intends to hold specialized courses in project management and planning along with support and consulting services.


  • Today, familiarizing project-oriented organizations with the basics and concepts of project planning and management is considered one of the basic needs of that organization and is used as an effective and efficient tool for planning and presenting project reports. For this reason, the familiarity and mastery of software in the field of project management is one of the most important skills required for experts and professionals interested in success in this field.

Currently, various software such as MSP and PRIMAVERA in the field of project planning and control along with the PMBOK project management standard as well as COMFAR software in the field of economic, technical and financial evaluation of projects have established their position and are used by large organizations in various industries such as construction, road, building projects, urban train, oil industry, refinery and power plant are used as a project management tool and portfolio of projects. These soft wares plan and control projects in an organizational manner.